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#FeatureGymFriday: Portland City Boxing

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

With the amount of gyms, at-home programs, “quick fix” workouts, and even working with a trainer. . . all things fitness can get overwhelming! From the comfort of your own couch, treadmill, or wherever you scroll through social media, I’ll be introducing you to various gyms around the Portland area to keep you informed.

For our first #FeatureGymFriday, we welcome Portland City Boxing. I have loved my workouts at PCB — not only is it a great way to work out a bad day, I always leave satisfied and can barely raise my arms. Adding resistance training into your cardio gives even more punch to your workouts (pun intended).

I am a huge fan of changing up your workouts in order to engage different muscle groups and keep your routine from getting stale. Boxing and kickboxing is a unique mix of cardio / strength / agility / mental focus that is much more than just physical exercise.

Picking up new skills, challenging your body, and always keeping it fresh are key elements of my personal training and fitness journey. At the end of the day, we are all in this together — one workout, jab, and right hook at a time.

No egos, just inspiration and motivation.

— Coach Parker

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