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Improving Sleep Hygiene — 4 Actionable Steps

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

by Peter Conley

Hello Abigail Fans!

Peter here. I’m a blogger who writes at Narcolepsy Coach about narcolepsy diets and natural treatments for narcolepsy. Abby graciously let me write a guest post for y’all to educate you on healthy sleep habits.

Today’s topic is sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene can be defined as any habit or practice  that can help improve the quality of your sleep.


Improving Sleep Hygiene — 4 Actionable Steps

1. Black It Out

Artificial light has an incredibly powerful effect on us — we did not evolve to be exposed to it so often. When organizing your bedroom go for complete darkness. Cover the smoke detector light, use an alarm clock without lights, cover the bottom crack of your door — treat light as your enemy. A simple test is the “hand waving test”. If you are waving your hand 12 inches from your face in your bedroom and can’t see it, you’re in good standing.

2. Calm the Mind

Ever experience racing thoughts that keep you up at night? “Don’t go to sleep angry” is a great remedy for this. Entering the bedroom with a calm mind will almost guarantee a better night’s rest than if your mind is racing. The great thing is there are plenty of tools in the tool box for this: tai chi, yoga, meditation, the list goes on and on.

3. Remove Electromagnetic Emitting Devices from the Bedroom

Our electronic devices (computers and smart-phones) emit an electromagnetic field that can stimulate activity in our bodies.  Removing all devices that emit this field from the bedroom will help your brain and body to fall into a more restful state.

4. Chill Out

Science has shown the ideal sleep environment temperature is around 68 degrees (Fahrenheit). Too cold and your body needs to regulate keeping you warmer, too hot and it has to use resources for perspiration and cooling. Aim for the Goldilocks Zone of 68 degrees (this exact temperature will vary from person to person).

With Love,


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