“Since the minute her IG account graced my timeline, she filled me up with this unexplainable desire to strive for more — physically & mentally. My FIRST phone conversation with her made it clear to me that she was doing all of this for a larger purpose... to give back to the world with everything she has.

“She has poured in to my life, DEFINITELY physically (my gluteus has literally never looked this good), but mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. She is there for me every step of the way... constantly in my inbox, in my voicemail, sending me texts & emails to keep my momentum moving me forward. Even from thousands of miles away she has managed to coach me & help me improve my form, stamina, and physical capability.


“Abigail Parker has that ‘thing’ that distinguishes leaders from the rest of the pack. I am proud to be a member of her tribe, to call her my COACH, and above all to have connected with my forever soul sister ♥️


“This works... & for the first time in my entire life, I genuinely believe that all of my goals are possible. They’re not only possible; I am well en route to reaching them. I owe the biggest thanks to Abby that I am continuing to work towards them every day. Make it Happen 2019, let’s go!”


Traction Program


3 Months


“Coach Parker is nothing but top notch. Abigail is the best, most passionate, and encouraging trainer that I have had. She has great knowledge and the proof is in the pudding—my results have been great.


“She is motivating and challenging at the same time. She respects when I give it my best even when I cannot do everything. She makes adjustment for past injuries and the amount of rest I need based on the fact the I am a little older. I can physically do most things as I am strong, but do require a little more rest.


“I would recommend Abigail and have done so without question.”


Transformation Package



10 Months

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