I’m a former ballerina turned weightlifter & coach.


MAKE IT HAPPEN was started to help others maximize their potential. Creating systems for success—whether in physical fitness or life—takes time, dedication, and effort. We put in the work to strengthen our body and build confidence. But ultimately, the strength that comes from the physical serves as the stepping stone to achieve success in all areas of life.


Whether it’s a push-up or chasing dreams—I crave the opportunity to help others reach their goals.

I came to Portland with 40 dollars, a suitcase, and a pair of pointe shoes. Fitness saved me when I was forced to change careers and let go of my lifelong desire to be a professional ballerina. Since then I’ve taught hundreds of fitness classes—but I craved more connection with the people I trained.


Helping someone accomplish their goals, build mental strength, and feel powerful is my mission in life.


So I started MAKE IT HAPPEN training. As more and more people signed on to train with me (the warrior clan), I knew I had found my true calling.

From BALLET TO BARBELLS—I am determined to help as many people as I can.

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