How has your experience been with Abigail as a trainer?

Abby is very hard working and dedicated trainer. In my 1:1 session she was super good in motivating me and made me push harder. She constantly encouraged me. She was always paying attention to my posture and was adjusting to how my body responded.


She has been motivating me and checking on me via texting and emailing.


Overall I am very satisfied with her work.

— Shalini P.

How would you describe her training styles?

I would say that Abigail is very flexible, and often times will tweak our workout based on what my body needs. For example — most sessions we focus on strength and endurance, but other times we take the time to focus on flexibility and mobility — which I have learned are just as important to my overall fitness and well-being.


Abigail is a very compassionate and thoughtful coach. Beyond our 1-hour a week together, she often times checks in on me throughout the week to make sure I am working on my mobility exercises and taking the time to stretch and foam roll. I like that she holds me accountable, but I never feel like she is nagging me.

— Stephanie C.

Would you recommend Abigail's training to another person?

I would 100% recommend Abigail’s training to others. It’s an investment well worth making, I promise you that.

— Stephanie C.

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